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We are a short-term financial trading company

                                               with a long term view.

About Us


Northstar Trading is a quantitatively-oriented proprietary trading company. We employ a highly analytic, data-driven and technology-based approach to trading while placing a strong emphasis on risk management and controls.


The founder of Northstar has over a decade of experience in various energy and financial markets.  We are a privately held company and have no outside investors.



Our primary focus is in identifying persistent mispricings in short-term financial power markets.  In particular, we seek to drive convergence between Day Ahead (DA) and Real Time (RT) energy markets in the North American regional transmission organizations or independent system operators (RTO/ISOs).  


We transact on a daily-basis seeking to identify attractive trading opportunities through a blend of quantitative and fundamentally based strategies.



Northstar values:


  • focus

  • discipline

  • risk management & controls

  • technology & data

  • game theory & probability

© 2018 NorthStar Trading Ltd

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